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This is the eternal origin of art- that a human being confronts a form that wants to become a work through him…. What is required is a deed that a man does with his whole being: If he commits it and speaks with his being the basic word to the form appears, then the creative power is released and the work comes into being.
-Martin Buber, I and Thou



Gabriel Bass

Successful art is the expression of our collective experiences, inclinations, and ability to innovate.   Well-made craft is the product of learning, experience and technical mastery. For many years Gabriel has been working toward creating a distinctive style of furniture and Jewish Art that is completely unique, elegant, and contemporary, while deeply rooted in tradition, by exploring the convergence of art and craft.  He brought the most refined techniques and design from the international contemporary crafts movement to Israel.   Each unique piece demonstrates the finest combination of technical mastery and exquisite design.

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The Northwest Coast

Gabriel was trained in totem pole carving on the Musqueam reserve in Canada by master carver Richard Campbell.  Gabriel spent years dilligently learning the craft of carving from Richard before he made a conscience decision to develop his talents in the craft of Judaica and Synagogue furnishings.  Still today Gabriel continues to employ many of the unique carving techniques that he learned on the reservation, such as the use of straight and curved blade knives and adzes, and has adapted these techniques to detail work and furniture making.



Furniture Making

Gabriel spent years work alongside and learning from the best artists and craftsmen around the world, gaining the experience necessary to understanding the dynamics involved in working with solid wood and other materials. Taking the best materials and tools from exerience, he has been able to develop unique techniques that define his work. He treasures his method of work in the same way a Tai Chi master diligently practices his forms. The ultimate goal is for complete order, each action in rhythm and the tool in harmony with the material. Every slight shift in weight should have purpose and its energy directed at the proper manipulation of the material.


Gabriel made aliyah to Israel in 2002 and immediately enrolled in the glass and design program at the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design in Jerusalem.   His abilities with working in wood became particularly valuable in the development of his unique glass making skills.  He makes particularly strong use of handmade wood, metal, and graphite molds in glass blowing. Gabriel also works on the torch to create hardware, handles, glass inlays, and judaica from high quality heat and shock resistant borosilicate glass (commonly referred to by the brand Pyrex).

Custom Carving Studios

Gabriel built the Custom Carving Studios in 2010 on Moshav Mata overlooking the Judean Hills, minutes from Jerusalem, Israel.  The 36,000 square foot studio employs talented Jewish artists and houses precision equipment to produce the finest work in wood, metal, glass, stone and other materials.  Visitors can watch artists at work and browse our large gallery space displaying finished products.   Artist opportunities include courses and apprenticeships.

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All Around the World

Gabriel is proud to be have an extensive portfolio of work, housed in hundreds of Museums, Galleries, Synagogues and private homes around the world, with particular experience in Israel and North America.  He has been commissioned to make Eternal Lights for synagogues all over the world, and even traveled to Eastern Uganda to install a Ner Tamid and Menorah for the Abayudaya community.  Upon his return he was asked to make a Ner Tamid from Olive Wood representing a shofar for a small community of conversos in the high mountains of Peru and a day later shipped off eternal lights to Juneau, Alaska and London, England.

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