Gabriel Bass’ work can be found in institutions, galleries, museums, and private collections around the world. His work is influenced by the concepts of flow. He plays with the elements with tools to create unique techniques for working in wood, metal, and glass. At the same time the final product is balanced by a strict adherence to craftsmanship, finish, and installation.
Bet Chair

Life is a path to recognizing the spiritual within the physical.

Designing and Building from wood, glass, and metal Gabriel's work is based upon working with the elements and tools that God has given us to raise deep concepts into form.

Installation Work

Light allows us to introspect deep into every situation and surrounding.

This sculptural chandelier is built from around 60 handblown, pulled, and twisted flames. Gabriel designs and build custom handblown chandeliers and installations.


There is life and motion at every scale. We harness the energy to renew each moment.

Gabriel has dedicated a lifetime of work to inspire awe for finding flow, the essential element that bonds all pursuits.

The ultimate dream of man

Who hasn't passed childhood without dreaming to imitate the path of birds?

Gabriel was inspired by his free flight and skiing career to capture the essence of "the carve" in his artwork. He is inspired by the human ability to build equipment that interact with the forces of nature.