Aquarium Life

“Nature uses human imagination to lift her work of creation to even higher levels.”

~ Luigi Pirandello

Reduced gold glass, live succulents, rocks, wood, dovetail joinery, and light, 35 cm x 110 cm

The lightbox of life can be set up in in infinite ways. Each set can include glass boulders, flowers, and planters. Watering vessels compliment the fauna and are designed based upon shapes of archeological glass from the beginnings of glass blowing in Israel.

The glass is lit by a cleaver led lightbox from underneath. Each aquarium framed with a dovetail solid wood box. All the glass is hand blown in Israel by Gabriel. Natural rocks or sand are used to block or disperse the light.

To get the organic shape of the boulders Gabriel blows into a pile of wood scraps soaked in water. As the molten glass contacts the water, moisture explodes from the direction of the artist’s feet. As he blows the glass takes form between the scraps, which start to burn, releasing flames of fire.