Flow Series

The Ari brings a teaching that before time light was trapped in 10 vessels. The vessels were shattered and Tikkun is man’s responsibility to find the sparks in the world and reunify the vessels.

220 cm tall x 150 cm wide x 80 cm deep

African Walnut, Stained Glass, Brass Hardware


Designing and Building from wood, glass, and metal Gabriel’s work is based upon working with the elements and tools that God has given us to raise deep concepts into form.

Creation and life can be felt throughout the original torah ark.

The ark can fit 2-3 torahs comfortably. The doors are panel joined in the depiction of the tree of life and inlayed with stained glass. Gabriel uses his unique technique of wood shaping to create the base for this project. There will never be built another aron kodesh like this.