Hebrew Letters

וּכְשֶׁבָּא לְבֵיתוֹ וּמֹצֵא נֵר דָּלוּק וְשֻׁלְחָן עָרוּךְ וּמִטָּתוֹ מוּצַּעַת

He reaches his home and finds a lamp burning and a table set …. the good angel says…”

Shabbat 119b

90 cm tall x 165 cm wide x 30 deep

African Walnut with Dark Walnut Stain

Glued, Shaped, Sanded, Polished, and Lacquer finish


Shalom starts in the home. The table, Shulchan, is the center of the home.

This table base represents the Hebrew letter shin. The three arms of the shin reach out drawing strength from the one. Shema is the prayer declaring God’s unity.

The sculpture has three arms that reach up to support the oval polished glass table. The world stands on three things, torah, mitzvahs, and deeds of kindness.